Learn Teach Explore™ is a holistic communication model that is an almost universal process to communicate better across all manner of business situations – from service and selling to one-on-one team member discussions. From influencing to handling conflicts and difficult customers.

With the LEARN-TEACH-EXPLORE™ communication system, we’ve cracked the code to better communication skills training. It’s a simple, 3 stage method that takes very little time to learn. We’ve quite literally turned communication skills training on its head- the base LTE system can be taught in as little as 2-3 hours and the participants will be ready to adapt the system to fit all communication needs back at work.

To date the system has been used, with great success, in workplaces like CGU, NRMA, Agrekko, Telstra and Ford via the Australian Institute of Management as well as directly. It’s use cases are snowballing at a rapid rate.

The best part of this system is that it utilises skills everyone already has. LEARN-TEACH-EXPLORE™ is about increasing people’s mindfulness, not skillfulness.

In other words, it unleashes the potential that people never knew they had!

“Significant to my role and a great program for learning best practice”.
Workshop participant.

“Very applicable to real workplace situations and relationships”.
Workshop participant.

“I’ve found the LTE model quite effective in coaching conversations lately. Keeping those keywords in my mind certainly allows the conversation to flow well. I think sometimes the challenge can be knowing when to shift from “learn” to “teach” or from “teach” to “explore”. Though I’m sure that the more you practice, the easier it becomes to read what’s happening in the conversation , and to know when it’s the right time to shift gears”.
– “Coaching client”

To find out more about how LTE Holistic Communication could benefit your organisation or team, please email us at derek@derekconsulting.com.au