A new approach to time management training

Imagine always knowing what to say yes, no or maybe to, what to put on hold and what to fast-track! Imagine making work decisions calmly and rationally. Next, imagine doing all those correctly prioritised tasks as efficiently as possible. You’d be a great Time Manager, right?

Derek Consulting has been developing and refining the elements of Time Manager  for well over a decade and assure you the above scenario can become a reality.  All you need to bring in some willingness, open-mindedness and honesty and we’ll help you change the way you work forever.  Yes, participants may be a little confronted and challenged at times, but in the end that’s the essence of any personal or professional development training that’s worth doing.

Planning, prioritising, effective communication, assertiveness, delegation, time estimation and clean desk philosophy are all essential aspects of becoming an expert Time Manager!

This innovative time management training can be delivered as a half day or a full day workshop.

To find out more about us running a workshop for your organisation, or to find out about joining a course as an individual, please email us at contactme@derekconsulting.com.au