Do you have to present sometimes, but not all that often? This course is for you. You will learn

(a) you already have more than enough skills, so

(b) you just need a way to make the best presenting choices possible.

In less than an hour you will feel and sound like you are ready to give your first Ted Talk! From there you’ll learn how to build engaging and impactful presentations of any length, on any subject, for any audience. This process is so flexible it’s also helpful in meetings (e,g, answering questions), one-on-one discussions and other “off-stage” interactions.

This workshop is designed specifically for business presentations, as opposed to key notes or after-dinner speaking. Many seasoned presenters have benefited greatly from this course.

The course can be delivered in a day, this comprehensive version working for up to 12 participants. It can however be tailored to suit – it was been delivered to groups of 50 participants across 4 hours and the main learning outcomes were achieved while everyone had a ball.

Flexibility is one of the things that makes us unique.

To find out more about us running a workshop for your organisation, or to find out about joining a course as an individual, please email us at