We specialise in using your concepts and ideas and developing them into customised and high quality training solutions to suit your organisation or team.

Our “Role Relevance” model is a case in point. We were asked to deliver a new means of allowing anyone a better way to prioritise their workload (at the time there seemed to be only one model out there anyone was using). Thousands of learners have since been taken through, and use, the model.

Derek Consulting has conceived well over a hundred such conceptual models over the years including improving leadership and management skills, presentation skills, communications training, better time management, improving and evaluation training, negotiation skills and sales and service training.

Such new-solution thinking can extend to the entire look, feel and even sound of a workplace training product.

One example is a 5 day health and safety representative course developed for WorkSafe Victoria. We created a fictitious workplace within which almost every case study and role play could be set. The workshop participants grew to understand both the safety challenges and roles of key team members of the ‘business’ . By Day 5, learners each took on a role a role and fully immersed themselves in a hour-long health and safety committee meeting to consolidate their learning from the entire course.

It’s a joy to work with teams and organisations to create customised learning that makes such a difference. Interested? Let’s talk!